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There are many considerations when purchasing a used piano and many unseen pitfalls that can affect the performance and longevity of a piano. It is worthwhile to obtain the opinion of an expert who can advise you on any apparent issues and provide you with a rough estimate of its true value.

Ellis & Son is proud to service their client's 9 foot Fazioli grand piano — a very rare piano in Canada

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At Ellis and Son Company, we are happy to provide an appraisal and inspection service. Our cost for this service is $100.00 with full refundable on any selected repairs.

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Purchasing a piano through Ellis & Son Piano Company is your assurance that your new piano is in good working order. Please see our list of previously played pianos. We also offer a wide variety of premium piano accessories that are endorsed by Ellis & Son—tried and true. We carry many of these piano supplies on our service vehicles and can supply our full line of products within a few days.

Repairs & Restoration

Restoration is the art of transforming older, worn-out traditional pianos to theirformer glory. Check out our service.


Pianos typically require tuning at least twice a year due to seasonal changes in humidity. Check out our service.