Repair & Restoration

Restoration is the art of transforming older, worn-out traditional pianos to their former glory. We renew all the age-affected felts, leatherwork, springs, loops, centre-pins, pinblocks, soundboards, bridges and strings etc., to enable the instrument to perform as well as when it originally left the factory.

Our fully outfitted, heated shop is one of the few that has its own soundboard press.

Specializing in piano tuning, repair,
refinishing, reconditioning, and rebuilding.

What you can expect

A Typical Restoration

01 02
Restore the soundboard
Restring and re-pin the frame
03 04
Restore / rebuild the action / keyboard / damper assembly
Strip down and hand repolish the cabinet to reveal the natural woodgrain
05 06
Raise to pitch and stretch strings, fine tune to A-440
Extensively regulate the touch and damping
Overhaul the pedal assembly

Piano refinishing is 100% undeniably a job for professional piano refinishers. We offer a total refinishing service whereby the entire casework of the piano is stripped of its original lacquer/polish, repaired/veneered where necessary, sanded, stained, and finally resprayed. We can also do polyester repairs and buff cabinets when required.


Kevin Ellis's dedication and sought-after experience is evident in every piano repair, recondition and restoration he undertakes.

Looking for a repair and / or restoration on your piano? Get in touch with us to find out more.

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Trade-in & Services and Accessories

Purchasing a piano through Ellis & Son Piano Company is your assurance that your new piano is in good working order. Please see our list of previously played pianos. We also offer a wide variety of premium piano accessories that are endorsed by Ellis & Son—tried and true. We carry many of these piano supplies on our service vehicles and can supply our full line of products within a few days.

Appraisals & Inspections

At Ellis & Son Piano Company, we offer an appraisal & inspection service to help determine the value of your piano.


Pianos typically require tuning at least twice a year due to seasonal changes in humidity. Check out our service.